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See what other people are saying about our The Redwood apartments! At The Redwood, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.

Trina Griffith
| 10/9/2018
Move in process was smooth and easy
Katelyn Sanders
| 7/28/2018
Ive been here a year!!! With my family. Any issue that ive brought to the attention of the lovely ladies in the office they have resolved it. I have never jad any bugs or any issues with maintenance. Its sad to see the awful reviews this place has gotten. The property management cant resolve issues it doesnt know about. We love it here and its our home. Thanks redwood apartments for giving us a great place to call home.
Michal Brannan
| 6/6/2018
Very helpful and quick to respond also.
Daniel Summers
| 6/1/2018
The move in process was seamless and the staff was so helpful. I cant say enough good things about living here. Friendly people, Rent is very reasonable and great location. Bailey was amazing and I will say you wont regret living here. As someone who doesnt post reviews I felt it necessary.
Quinn M
| 6/1/2018
They came and fixed our sink very well and they were nice enough to clean up the mess created by the sink. It did take quite a bit of asking though, but they did get it done.
Ctyvi Ray
| 5/22/2018
I had a maintenance request and they took care if it quickly and very efficiently. This place is home to me, they helped when I needed.
Tamara Deuel
| 5/18/2018
I think this is a good place to live. The staff is very friendly and and thorough while doing their job. They do what they say theyre going to do in a timely manner. Excellent dog friendly staff. They even have doggy treats for the dogs which helps them be comfortable when they need to come in and fix something. I think the price is also good. Thanx Redwwod Apt Staff for being kind. We need more of that in this world!
Victor Casas
| 5/11/2018
Moving into a new place can be stressful but NINA @ the Redwood makes it so much easier, thanks NINA
Josephine Cabilis
| 3/22/2018
Because thats where I live
Suzanne Sommer
| 3/20/2018
I love living here. The office team is very friendly and has excellent customer service. They have an activity once a month which you will not find any where else. Maintenance always complete repairs and they are very friendly doing so. The office team even calls back to make sure the repairs have been completed. They love all pets, my fur baby even gets a treat when the team sees her. She gets excited when she sees the golf carts because she knows the team that well.
Azbin Ram
| 3/4/2018
Vinnie Franco
| 3/4/2018
Thanks for my Wonderful stay at The Redwood this last year. Management the maintenance crew were Always most helpful. I loved my family time at pool this summer. So many weekdays it was like our own pool. Thanks Again Vinnie Franco S 2172
Alisen Child
| 2/25/2018
I absolutely love living here!!!!! My apartment is perfectly sized for me and my two Heelers. It feels like home, and I love walking in the door. The only complaint I havehad is I had a slight bug problem when I moved in, but between communication with the excellent maintenance team and the main office, it is now completely under control. I cant rate the maintenance team highly enough, when you have a problem they work their butts off to attend to it promptly and correctly. Plus they are friendly and they explain what they are doing as they are doing itneeding to complete it at a later date for whatever reason. They really treat you and your apartment as yours, instead of just a space that you are renting. The staff at the main office has worked with me on numerous occasions, and have truly made me feel like I am welcome and wanted here. This is my home, and I love it. As long as you are communicating with the office, they will work with you and make this place a home that you wont want to leave. Because I dont.Edit to add after reading other reviews:I am NOT an owner, family member, member of staff, or affiliated personally with ANYONE in ANY WAY that is employed by The Redwood.I HAVE NOT been paid for my review, and HAVE NOT been coerced in any way for my high rating. Apartment complexes are not for every one, and they are very difficult to manage. If you are looking for LDS type living, then research LDS approved housing, or buy your own house. There are many people from many walks of life living here, and it is impossible to screen every applicant for perfect citizen approved living. I have lived in my apartment for a year and have met several different types of people and yet have not had one issue. They live their lives their way, and I live mine my way. This is still an excellent community and place to live, and as I have said, communicate with the office on what you need or concerns you have and they will do their best to work with you and to reach common goals of happy living.
Neal Cruz
| 2/22/2018
Great place to live! Quiet n premises ate kept very clean!
Will Fehr
| 2/15/2018
Was ok staying there. There was a cockroach problem in the kitchen during winter that wasnt resolved easily, inspite of several treatments. Holly in the office was great to work with. Office staff was nice.
Justin Snyder
| 2/15/2018
Redwood is a pretty good place to live. Better maintenance and getting rid of cockroaches are my only complaints so far. I hope Redwood will work with good residents in the future and not raise rent every year or at least give a discount. Some of us know the employment challenges with companies in our society today and would like an affordable and stable place to live in the near coming years.
Arlene Ortiz
| 2/15/2018
The office staff is always friendly and the maintenance staff is always quick to fix any problems.
Jaxson Mortensen
| 1/30/2018
I lived here for the past 6 months and its great. Its decent price for what you get. The management is helpful when i need it. I just want to show my appreciation towards them, thank you!!
Jasmine Avila
| 1/30/2018
Ive lived her for over a year. I love this place! The managements is awesome, talk with the manager explain what I needed and she was all over it. Dont know what everyone is complaining about. Come on you live you West valley what are you excepting?
ciara mccallum
| 1/13/2018
Im not sure why people have had so many issues here. The staff is always so nice and do their best to get things handled I have never had any issues having a repair done in a timely manner or having my questions answered. It is small and pricey but its worth it. I havent had any pest problems so far and Ive been here almost a year. Things happen but its not always in their control. For the most part I enjoy living here and I enjoy the staff and maintenance team. And no my review was not paid for. I chose to let others know its not as bad as they have made it out to be.
Shane Gamangasso
| 8/30/2017
I have lived in a lot of apartments.some were good and bad.but I moved in here and this one is great!!all the amenities are awesome!!the management are very nice and always smiling and this place is a clean place to livemaintenance are very friendly. Thanks redwood apartments!!for a great place to live.and thanks management for all your help.thanks management for all your help.they work with you when you need help love this place.and also Im not family and Im not getting paid to write my review. But I do feel like we are all a family thanks again for all that you do to make my home a home!
Brooke Andrus
| 7/19/2017
We have been here for 9 months and have enjoyed it. Yes, it is a little overpriced but its in SLC area so what can you expect... Mantainace is good, grounds are clean. For the most part we have really liked it here.
Daniel Samford
| 5/19/2017
Decent price for the size considering what else is in the area. Vaulted cielings on 2nd floor was nice to have. Workout room was great, if you get a tour check it out. Overall good apartments, its really just the neighbors you have to worry about.
Dan Samford
| 5/19/2017
Decent price for the size considering what else is in the area. Vaulted cielings on 2nd floor was nice to have. Workout room was great, if you get a tour check it out. Overall good apartments, its really just the neighbors you have to worry about.
James Chambers
| 3/6/2017
The maintenance team is really good. The grounds are well kept and the buildings were well maintained. My bathroom fan went out a few weeks ago so I called the line and within a few hours they had replaced the fan completely the same day. The office staff are also really good as noted by others in the reviews. They have always been polite and done their best to help me within the rules the management makes them operate within. The place is small but surprisingly I dont usually hear much noise (I live on the top, sometimes neighbors on the bottom say they can hear me but I never hear anyone below and rarely on the sides). Ive lived in other newer apartments that were much noisier or thin walls but this apartment complex is surprisingly insulated.Make sure you understand that the specials and your monthly rent is not all you will pay to live here. There are some extra fees added on such as a 35 a month cable fee to Comcast that is required to live here. These fees are outlined in your lease but if you are price comparison shopping you will need to ask what all of these would be on top of the flat monthly rent rate because you need to calculate this in when comparing with other properties because a lot of these fees are included in the rent at other places.I had a problem with the towing company where I had an out of state vehicle with expired tags that was properly registered but the tags hadnt arrived yet. The towing company towed this even after being notified by me and sent the state registration but Chelsea chewed them out and the towing company actually called me and issued me a full refund. Towing companies are not exactly known for refunding a tow very easily so Im sure this took some doing. If you experience any problems I found her very helpful and professional and easy to work with so ask for her if you need advanced help with something and nobody else can help.They are very strict about having your rent in on time and the fees for not doing so can really add up. They have worked with me before when I was late on rent as long as you talk to them you can avoid getting charged these fees but if you are chronically late you are going to have to be working with them a lot to avoid late charges. Some landlords are pretty flexible about when you give them your rent like if you are a couple of days late or even a week late you wont hear from them or get charged any fees. This is not one of those places and if you value or need that flexibility you may want to look somewhere else. Again, this doesnt mean they wont work with you if you are late for some unexpected reason and talk to them, but be advised they are one of the strictest places I have ever lived with about this and if you dont tell them what is going on expect large late fees to be added on. Most places Id lived would always threaten me with fees like this but in practice would never enforce them. Here I have paid a couple of fees, and I have had to talk to them to get some of these removed in the past, so they really will charge you them if you are late. Again, these were my fault, this is just a warning that unlike many places they will actually charge you these fees if you dont pay on time.They are making a very sincere effort to chase out the few people around here that are very loud or just sketchy in general and I have seen several noisy neighbors evicted. If you are somebody that likes to throw a lot of parties or blast music with huge thumping bass at all hours of the day Id say you can expect to be harassed and possibly chased out of here. Ive never called to complain about any of my neighbors and these problems seem to solve themselves. They have a courtesy patrol of some kind.Conclusion: My experience living here has been positive. If you pay your rent on time every month and are a good tenant who does what they are supposed to do and doesnt cause trouble I believe your experience will also be positive. This is a good thing for me as Im a pretty quiet guy and am usually just relaxing at home.

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